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Welcome to Bodyworks Remedial Massage!

You have your car serviced regularly so it will run efficiently and last longer so why not have your body serviced regularly? After all it is the vehicle that will carry you through this life and the only one you will get! Our current lifestyles involve too much tension, stress and not enough activity and movement. We spend far too much time sitting, at a desk or in a car and don’t get to move our bodies the way they were designed for. Work, family schedules and a whole host of things impact on our time and our ability to set aside ‘time for me’ to relax and enjoy life.

There are many health benefits you’ll enjoy from a well-deserved Bodyworks Remedial massage. Amongst these are:

A Bodyworks Remedial massage can also help a wide range of both physical and psychological problems

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Feeling stressed and in need of a little TIME OUT for you?

Go on treat yourself, you deserve it! Your body will thank you for it!!

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These are some of the issues that many clients tell us they are experiencing when they come to see us. Some people endure them every single day:

  • Back & neck pain
  • Shoulder and neck tension
  • Tension headaches and migraines
  • Sciatica & lower back pain
  • General muscle tension and pain.
  • Tennis elbow
  • Lack of quality sleep
  • There are many others we could add to this list

So how can a Bodyworks Remedial massage help all this?

Remedial therapy uses many techniques, including remedial massage, to relieve a wide range of soft tissue (muscular) problems.

The objectives of massage are to reduce pain and tension by releasing pressure in those muscles affected by stress and everyday life.

It also helps to relieve tendon and ligament complaints. Remedial massage treatments can dramatically reduce pain and discomfort and help the body’s natural healing process.

Whether your pain is stress, work related, the result of an injury from work or leisure remedial massage can help people of all ages

What to expect when you first visit a Bodyworks Remedial massage therapist.

You will be asked for information about your medical history and the kinds of issues you are experiencing on your first visit. This helps determine your treatment priorities.
If you do not have any issues to address and simply require a full body overhaul, let your therapist know. If your visit to Bodyworks to get a remedial massage treatment is an attempt to break the stress and tension cycle you have gotten into, then you have made a great choice!

Discuss all the areas of pain and tension with your therapist. Our priority will be to ease out the main areas of tightness and/or pain.

No doubt your problems have built up over time, so allow for several treatments to help overcome them.

Most massage techniques require that you be at least partially undressed, but all areas of the body except the part being worked on are covered with towels. Let your Bodyworks Remedial massage therapist know if you are experiencing too much pain. Therapists love feedback, so enjoy your treatment and let us know the results.

Remedial massage therapy has been proven to work with ailments like headaches, insomnia and stress, amongst others.

In our sedated society today, most of us do too much sitting. Massage can alleviate certain symptoms that sitting can cause. It also eases muscle pain, and can be particularly effective for back pain, as well as headaches which are often caused by back pain.

If you suffer from migraine or tension headaches let your therapist know as they can then focus on the neck, shoulders, and head, and can often relieve pressure and discomfort. If you are looking for a headache relief massage, contact us today.

Just ask. Get answers. Your questions and comments are important to us.